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'Communicating to the necessities of the saints.' -Romans 12:13 (ASV)

 Vol. VIII #7 | April 1 - 14, 2020 


Solomon said: 

 'Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness,

will find life, righteousness, and honor.'

-Proverbs 21:21 

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 'I will not forget your word.' -Psalm 119:16 


Photo Essay:


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., street art, San Diego (above); EMWD recylced water -- not safe for drinking -- but used to irrigate farmland, Menifee (L); tresspassing forbidden sign near abandoned train tracks, Menifee (R). 

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2019 News & Notable

Vol VII, Week 8 | February 17 - 23

  • James MacDonald's sons resign as pastors of Harvest Bible Church. -DH
  • LA-RIVCO HUD: $3.2M to help families gain self-sufficiency. -LAS
  • Trump requests $2.1B back from Calif. failing high speed rail. -LAT
  • Defamed Catholic school teen sues Washington Post. -PJ

The Bible says: Luke 21:13 | Solomon said: Proverbs 21:21

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Cover photo (L): Street art, bus stop, San Diego. 

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