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 It's official: Brodersen is affirmed Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa


11/13/2013: (Left) Pastor Brian Brodersen greets well-wishers after receiving the affirming vote cast by the congregation and anointed with oil by the Board of Trustees and pastors as the new Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. 

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"Behold, I tell you a mystery: we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed."                             -- 1 Cor. 15:51

Pastor Chuck Smith (Left)) 1927 - 2013,  died at age 86 on October 3, 2013 from lung cancer. He pastored Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for 48 years.   




September 22, 2013 - November 13, 2013.


The affirming vote by the congregation for Brian Brodersen as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa will take place Wednesday, 7 p.m., November 13th at the church prior to the Wednesday evening study, according to the church bulletin and confirmed by Brodersen at the Sunday evening service.

"The Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa bylaws designate a procedure for the selection of the church's Senior Pastor," states the bulletin. "The procedure requires an affirming vote by the congregation of the Board's recommendation. At the 10/8 Board meeting, the Board recommended Pastor Brian Brodersen's selection as the new Senior Pastor and that this recommendation be presented to the congregation for affirmation."

Pastor Brodersen is replacing pastor Chuck Smith as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Smith moved into Paradise on October 3rd, at the age of 86, after serving 48 years as Senior Pastor. 


An extension to sign and turn in AB1266 petitions has been granted by Sacramento through Saturday November 9th, according to pastor Jack Hibbs, of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.

AB1266, is the California bill signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown allowing a K-12 public school student who thinks he or she is transgender access to bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams of their choice without professional diagnosis.

Hibbs announced the extension yesterday on Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa radio station KWVE 107.9 FM during the segment Pastor's Perspective stating the number of petitions signed and gathered so far is near the 505,000 signatures required.

A final effort can win the referendum to stop implementation in January and get AB1266 on the November 2014 ballot, Hibbs said.

Spearheading the petition drive for Calvary Chapels, Hibbs thanked radio co-host pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship, for 7,000 petition signatures turned in.

He encouraged people to download the petition, sign it and mail it in or drop the petitions off at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills before the Saturday deadline.

Petition download:


"I need you to help me," said Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez at the forum on AB1266 (the California public school transgender bathroom-choice bill), "I need you to sign the petitions to stop this bill from becoming law."

"When I saw this bill, it broke my heart," said Melendez, a mother of five and a Republican who represents the 67th District (Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Murrieta, East Hemet). "The majority of your representatives in Riverside County voted against this bill."

"There is an assault against Christianity in Sacramento," Melendez said. "I see it every day."

The forum was hosted by Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship in Temecula Saturday 6 p.m. and attended by approximately 120 persons, including 10 or more public school teachers.

Bob Tyler, representing Advocates for Faith and Freedom, a nonprofit organization working Pro Bono for religious cases, spoke on the law aspects of the AB1266, and stated at least 15 homosexual indoctrination bills are already adopted in public schools.

"Kids get to choose whatever bathroom they want to use," Tyler said referring to AB1266. "Kids get to choose whatever locker room they want to use. Kids get to choose what gender sport team they want to be on."

AB48, a bill already adopted in California public schools, requires textbooks to be rewritten to include sexual orientation and gender identity of historical persons.

Two educators, public school teacher Kevin Druhe and Fallbrook High School principal Rod King, spoke on the implications of AB1266 in their respective schools and also about their Christian faith in the workplace.

Both educators advocated compassion for the one percent student transgender population, however each firmly agreed AB1266 isn't a solution for the 99 percent of non-transgender students.

The forum ended at 8:15 p.m. after a Q & A session with the panel of speakers answering questions the audience submitted on forms. Informational tables were set up in the church foyer for petition signing and outside were tables with pastries and refreshments.

Editor's note: To download Stop AB1266 signature petitions, go to


The body of Pastor Chuck Smith, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for 48 years, was buried Friday, October 11th, in a private funeral service for the family members, announced senior Pastor Brian Brodersen to the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa congregation Sunday.

Smith's earthly body died while in his sleep at his Newport Beach home on October 3rd after a two year battle with lung cancer. He was 86.

There was a viewing during the week, and then the funeral service on Friday, Brodersen said.

A public memorial service is to be held Sunday, October 27, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The Honda Center (The Pond) in Anaheim.

Pastors from churches all over the world are calling to attend, according to Brodersen.

The Israeli Consulate called wanting to attend to honor Smith for his support of the nation of Israel, and will be there as well, Brodersen said.

A number of Calvary Chapels, including Revival Christian Fellowship in Menifee, will offer a live webcast of the memorial service.

Editors note: The article initially reported "Pastor Chuck Smith buried Friday" and "Smith died." But to honor Pastor Chuck's biblical teaching regarding a believer's "bodily" death, we revised the article and reported as we did to honor him. Our editorial position is Chuck Smith is more alive than ever, rejoicing in heaven. "Smith" did not die, only his earthly shell. It's hard to imagine anyone in our generation more pumped up and excited at home in heaven today, talking with Jesus and the saints -- and cheering us on -- than Pastor Chuck Smith. 


It was just a week ago Sunday, Pastor Chuck Smith, 86, pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for 48 years, delivered his last three sermons before moving to eternity on October 3rd.

The text he taught from was Romans 4:19 and titled "Be Strong in the Lord." 

Smith taught while breathing with the aid of oxygen tubing and looking physically much weakened.

"Without becoming weak in faith he contemplated his own body, now as good as dead since he was about a hundred years old ... yet with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief, but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God ..." - Romans 4:19-20.

But yesterday's Sunday 11:15 a.m. 3rd service, the first Sunday since Smith passed away, was standing room only in the 2,014 capacity sanctuary, with extra chairs set up outside to accommodate the overflow audience.

Assistant Pastor John Henry shared recent experiences with pastor Chuck, including one in which Pastor Chuck gruffly told Henry he was standing on his oxygen cord. Henry said he looked, and to the congregation he said, "You don't want to disagree with the boss, but I said, 'No, Pastor Chuck, you are standing on your cord.'" The congregation broke out in laughter.

Pastor Brian Brodersen, now the senior pastor, said he wasn't going to read the bulletin this morning, but the scheduled weekly events would remain as planned. He said a public memorial service for Pastor Chuck is in the planning stages for October 27th at the Honda Center in Anaheim (formerly The Pond).

Brodersen introduced his two sons and their friend who performed an acoustic worship set of songs including one Pastor Chuck had said is his favorite hymn, "In the Garden." There were tearful eyes in the congregation as they worshiped. 

After the worship set which received warm applause, Brodersen said he was honored to share the pulpit today with the speaker Chuck Smith, Jr.

Smith Jr., the second oldest of Chuck and Kay Smiths' four children, then shared insights about their pastor, his father.

His dad was more comfortable around carpenters, plumbers, electricians, Smith Jr. said, than he was with white collar workers, but that Smith was comfortable around [anyone who was] "real people."

If you knew his dad, Smith Jr. said, he was not comfortable with "chitchat," but was comfortable talking about topics concerning the Bible. 

He said his family each treasured the time spent alone with Smith. He shared a time when he was at a junior high retreat and the others were unaware he was a pastor's son. 

Smith came up to him during a dinner and said straightforward, "Chuck, come with me." He said he thought the others at the table probably thought he was in trouble.

"I know I sure did," Smith Jr., said.

The congregation laughed.

But Smith showed his son a key and it unlocked the fence gate for the pool. They enjoyed a 45-minute swim, jumping and diving into the pool.

Photos the congregation sees of Smith with other pastors in other parts of the world, Smith Jr. said, meant his dad was away from his family, but his mom laid that sacrifice on the altar, and shared in the burden.

His mother believed those who stayed and guarded the supplies shared in the rewards of victory with those who went into battle, he said.

Pray especially for his mother, Smith Jr. said, because "this time her hero is not coming back to her," and pray her children will be able to return the love and care to her that she did for them when he had gone to battle.

Smith Jr., then seated himself as the congregation applauded.

Brodersen then shared how Smith had performed many weddings, baby dedications and memorial services throughout the 48 years of his ministry at Calvary Chapel, not including the years he spent pastoring other rural churches (includes a church in Corona, Riverside County) prior to Costa Mesa.

Smith had a formula he used for memorial services, Brodersen said, and Brodersen applied that formula as his message to encourage the congregation Smith's tent, his body, had worn out, but his soul, his spirit was now released and with God in heaven.

On another note, according to Brodersen, Smith had said when the church is in heaven and everyone is trying to find people around the huge crowd, Smith said, "I will be the one with the wavy black hair."

The teary-eyed congregation laughed and applauded.

A final song, "Be Still My Soul," was sung and then the congregation was dismissed.

Outside, tables were set up for signing memorial books and parishioners patiently lined up. Smith's surfboard was displayed behind three crosses with Pastor Chuck mementos attached to it. Some took photos. Smith was an avid water sportsmen and surfer.

Several tables were set up for AB1266 referendum petition signatures to stop the California public school transgender bathroom-choice bill from becoming law January 2014.

A private memorial service for Pastor Chuck Smith is planned.

10.09.2013 Correction: The final song of the service was "It is Well With My Soul," not "Be Still My Soul" which was sung earlier. We regret the error. The Sunday service can now be viewed:


A giant of the Christian faith went home to be with his Lord and Savior at approximately 3 a.m. this morning.

Pastor Chuck Smith, 86, who pastored Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for 48 years and a mentor to over 1500 pastors pastoring throughout the world, passed away today after a two year battle with lung cancer, according to his family as reported on CCCM's radio ministry KWVE 107.9 FM.

Brian Brodersen, Smith's son-in-law and now the senior pastor of CCCM, stated on today's radio memorial program that Smith's condition worsened the last two days -- especially as he was not able to make his Pastor's Perspective weekday broadcast on Wednesday with co-host Don Stewart.

Smith was known for his punctual and vigorous work ethic, according to Stewart. 

Smith's lifetime ministry contribution is extensive. Under his leadership, the Calvary Chapel movement founded the Calvary Chapel Bible College with two main campuses (Costa Mesa and Murrieta Hot Springs), the Twin Peaks Retreat Center in Lake Arrowhead, radio station KWVE 107.9 FM, Maranatha Music recording label, The Word for Today broadcast ministry, and the Harvest Crusades with Riverside pastor Greg Laurie.

Smith was a mentor to 1500 pastors of Calvary Chapels or affiliates worldwide, author of numerous books, pamphlets and Bible commentary, and led many future pastors in southern California to a saving faith in Christ.

Smith has moved, his new address is heaven.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa has set up a webpage dedicated to pastor Chuck Smith:


"Churches may unapologetically conduct signature gathering of this type," according to Pacific Justice Institute staff attorney Matthew McReynolds, referring to the effort churches are putting together to defeat AB1266, the California public school transgender bathroom-choice bill set to be implemented January 1, 2014.

"Technically, churches are limited to expending no more than about ten percent of their total time and resources on lobbying," stated in an e-mail. "We have never seen a church come anywhere close to reaching this limit."

McReynolds was responding to a question whether signature gathering for the AB1266 referendum by churches -- 501C(3) nonprofit organizations -- would get the attention of the IRS for possible violation of political endorsement.

Not according to McReynolds: "Churches may not endorse specific candidates running for office, or political parties, but the rules are quite a bit more lax when it comes to 'lobbying' that includes support or opposition to legislation and ballot measures."

"Churches should feel free to be salt and light in their communities," McReynolds stated, "including involvement with referendums like AB1266, without fear of IRS retaliation."


With only 36 days left to gather 500,000 signatures, the referendum movement to stop AB1266 -- the transgender K-12 public school bathroom-choice Bill -- is gaining momentum.

If it's any indication of statewide protest, Revival Christian Fellowship, a Calvary Chapel in Menifee, set up a table for petition signing and after the pulpit announcement from Sunday morning services, hundreds signed petitions.

Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1266 into law and the referendum is needed to get the Bill on the November 2014 ballot and stop it from being implemented in California's K-12 public schools January 2014.

Distribution centers for petitions have been organized at several local churches including:

1. Bundy Canyon Church and School: 23411 Bundy Canyon Rd: Wildomar, CA 92595, 951.206-6587. 2. Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship: 34180 Rancho California Rd., Temecula, CA 92591, 951-699-9207; 3. Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley: 11960 Pettit St., Moreno Valley, CA 92555, 951-485-6080; 4. 412 Church (formerly Calvary Chapel San Jacinto): 1450 W. Seventh St., San Jacinto, CA: 951-485-6080.   

Petitions can be downloaded from a new website set up by a coalition of concerned Californians, including the law firm Pacific Justice Institute, to stop AB1266:


Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), a Christian rights defense law firm, is making petitions available for downloading to help stop the implementation of AB1266, the California K-12 transgender student "bathroom bill" initiated and voted into law by California's legislature and signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

According to PJI, more than 500,000 signatures are needed by this November to put AB1266 on the 2014 November ballot and postpone the January 1, 2014 law from being enforced.

AB1266 will allow K-12 students in California public schools who believe on any given day -- without clinical proof -- they are transgender to have access to any male/female locker rooms, showers, bathrooms or participate in a male/female sports team of their choice.

Check the Pacific Justice Institute link in our LINKS and help stop AB1266 or go directly:

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