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'Communicating to the necessities of the saints.' -Romans 12:13 (ASV)

 Vol. VIII #7 | April 1 - 14, 2020 


Solomon said

 'There are those who curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers. There are those who are clean in their own eyes but are not washed of their filth.' 

-Proverbs 30:11-12 

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 'I will not forget your word.' -Psalm 119:16 

Turns a Corner: The 55+ community of Sun City is in revitalize mode as The View Church (L) purchased and upgraded in 2018 the United Church of Christ corner property on McCall and Sun City Boulevards, a new Jack in the Box is under construction (Front Page) across the street, and City of Menifee Police Department opened a substation (R) in the shopping center.

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2019 News & Notable

Vol VII, Week 3 | January 13 - 19

  • GLAAD not happy: VP's wife teaches at Va. Christian school. -Reuters
  • Border rancher: 'We've found prayer rugs out here. It's unreal.' -WE
  • Os Guinness: Evangelical critics of Trump are 'dead wrong.' -CP
  • No there there: Mueller report 'certain to be anti-climatic' - ABC. -Mediaite
  • One tithing insight: From $9 an hour to multimillionaire (video). -CBN
  • First look at 'Roe v. Wade' film, features Jon Voight as SCOTUS justice. -HR
  • Opinion: America's resurgence is reshaping the world (1/11). -NP
  • Shades of Leslie Phillips in 'artist' Lauren Daigle interview (1/10). -CN
  • 'Long Noncoding RNAs Extend the Case for Creation.' -RTB

The Bible says: Revelation 22:27 | Solomon said: Proverbs 30:11-12

Hiring Now: Jack in the Box - Sun City

Cover photo: Sun City Turns a Corner, 2018-2019. -Photo IC News

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