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'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.' -Hosea 4:6

 Vol VII, #48 | November 24 - 30, 2019 

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"Their [John Kelly and Rex Tillerson] idea of 'saving the country' was staying in the Iran Nuclear Deal ... keeping the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv.'

-'With All Due Respect,' Nikki R. Haley (L)

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'Get wisdom, get insight ...' -Proverbs 4:5 / 'A joyful heart is good medicine ...' -Proverbs 17:22


Not Necessarily New -- but Notable

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Christian-Interest Books (alpha author). See: Books to 'Kick Against the Oppression.'

Autobiography, Biography, Memoirs 

  • 'No Compromise -- The Life Story of Keith Green,' by Melody Green and David Hazard (© 1989 The Sparrow Corporation). An inspiring account of one of Contempory Christian Music's greatest songwriter-musicians.
  • 'Night,' Weisel, Elie (© 1958). A translation edited by his wife Weisel, Marion (© 2006). A Jewish eyewitness account of Nazi Germany. If you were limited to read one record of events -- outside of the Bible -- this should be the one. 

Christian Life 

  • 'Spiritual Care,' by Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (© 1985 by Fortress Press). Written for seminary students, applications for every Christian.
  • 'God Will Make A Way -- What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do,' by Cloud, Henry and Townsend, Dr. John (© 2002). This book shows how to apply eight principles to key areas of life and 'see His supernatural power at work more clearly.' 
  • 'Raising Your Children for Christ,' Murray, Andrew (Whitaker House edition © 1984, previously titled 'How to Bring Your Children to Christ.').
  • 'Are Women Human?,' -Sayers, Dorothy L. (© 1971, Eerdman's Publishing); Witty talks to a women's society circa 1938; Sayers was one of the Inklings, the literay group including C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams. 
  • 'The Case for Miracles -- A Journalist Investigates Evidence for the Supernatural,' Strobel, Lee (© 2018). 

Cultural (Missionary, Persecution, Political)

  • 'Changed #OnceGay Stories,' by Equipped to Love (© 2018). Rejected by the current Calif. Democratic legislature, this book prints the testimonies of men and women who have 'come out of homosexuality' through faith-based counseling, books, social media and church. 
  • 'Legally Poisoned -- How the Law Puts Us at Risk from Toxicants,' by Craner, Carl G. (© 2011, Harvard U. Press); Chapters include 'Nowhere to Hide,' 'Reckless Nation: How Existing Laws Fail to Protect Children' and 'What Kind of World Do We Want to Create?'
  • 'Dark Agenda -- The War to Destroy Christian America,' by Horowitz, David (© 2018). The intolerant Leftist strategy to destroy Judeo-Christian values and tradition is researched by the former '60s American revolutionist -- now conservative activist ('Radical Son,' 'Destructive Generation -- Second Thoughts About the '60s).
  • 'The Health Hazards of Homosexuality -- What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals,' by Mass Resistance (© 2017). 'An excellent go-to reference for those seeking accurate, truthful information.' -Paul A. Church, M.D. (See also: Reviews & Interviews).
  • 'Demon Possession and Allied Themes,' by Nevins, John L. (©1896). A go-to book for reliable documented demon possession accounts eyewitnessed by missionaries in China during the late 1800's.
  • 'The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in the Middle East -- Prevention, Prohibition & Prosecution,' edited by Rychlak, Ronald J., Adolphe, Jane F. (© 2017). Collection of 12 essays; a primer for Christians, students of human rights, and all concerned about religious persecution.
  • 'On Faith -- Lessons from an American Believer,' Scalia, Antonin; Edited by Scalia, C.J. and Whelan, E. (© 2019). A collection of the late U.S. Supreme Court justice's defense for religion in the public square; includes a chapter on 'the false allure of socialism.'


  • 'Christian Higher Education -- Faith, Teaching and Learning in the Evangelical Tradition,' edited by Dockery, David and Morgan, Christopher (© 2018).
  • 'Standing Up To Goliath -- Battling State and National Teacher's Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country,' by Freidrichs, Rebecca (© 2018). A former Calif. teacher takes on teacher's unions that she argues use union fees and dues primarily for political agendas. 
  • 'The Corrupt Classroom -- Bias, Indoctrination, Violence, and Social Engineering Show Why America Needs School Choice,' by Izumi, Lance (© 2017). Exposes America's public school takeover by Leftists. 


  • 'Ethics,' Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (© 1949, 1955, Touchstone edition © 1995). Christians do not 'live in a vacuum,' German pastor Bonhoeffer writes, but in a world of government, politics, labor and marriage. Pro-life on the abortion issue; executed by Nazis in 1945. 
  • 'A Practical Exposition of the 10 Commandments,' Durham, James (new edition © 2018). A resurrected classic.
  • 'Isaiah 56-66: Concordia Commentary,' Lessing, Dr. Reed. A continuation in the study of Isaiah's condemnation of humanity's sin, prophesy of the coming messiah who atones for that sin, and the promise of a new heaven and earth.' 
  • 'Pensees,' -Pascal, Blaise. 'Pascal is one of those writers who will be and who must be studied afresh by men in every generation.' -T.S. Elliot
  • 'Calvary Chapel Distinctives -- The Foundational Principles of the Calvary Chapel Movement,' by Chuck Smith (© 2000 by The Word for Today Publishers). '... it's crucial for us to grasp what we call the Calvary Chapel Distinctives ... what makes our fellowship unique.'


Christian-themed Music & Music Videos (alpha artist):

  • 'Reckless Love' -Asbury, Cory, official lyric (104,736,515 YouTube views since Jan. 2018).
  • 'So Will I (100 Billion X)' -Cook, Amanda, live (5,662,889 YouTube views since Aug. 2017).
  • 'In Christ Alone' -Daigle, Lauren, acoustic version (11,934,688 YouTube views since 2014).
  • 'Trouble No More' -Dylan, Bob, 'The Bootleg Series Vol. 13, 1979-1981' (2017). 'LA Times' review.
  • 'When You Gonna Wake Up?' -Dylan, Bob; live, July 9, 1980.
  • 'Do It Again' -Elevation Worship, live (19,094,355 YouTube views). 
  • 'Tell Your Heart to Beat Again' -Gokey, Danny (47,038,507 YouTube views since July 2015). 
  • 'El Shaddai' & 'Thy Word' -Grant, Amy w/Michael W. Smith, live (1,710,351 YouTube views; pbl. July 2010).
  • 'Oh, Lord You're Beautiful' -Green, Keith, live (2,777,471 YouTube views since Jan. 2009).
  • 'So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt' -Green, Keith (© 1979). 
  • 'Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)' -Hillsong United (2,763,673 YouTube views).
  • 'What a Beautiful Name' -Hillsong Worship, live (317,888,226 YouTube views since Sept. 2016).
  • 'Flood the Earth' -Jesus Culture (2,600,471 YouTube views since Aug. 2017).
  • 'Spirit Lead Me' -Ketterer, Michael & Influence Music (6,537,268 YouTube views since Nov. 2018).
  • 'Hymn's Triumphant -- The Complete Collection,' -London Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, Amen Choir; over 40 of history's favorite hymns including: 'Immortable, Invisible,' 'Holy,Holy, Holy,' 'Eternal Father, Strong to Save,' and 'The First Noel.'
  • 'I'm Listening' -McClarney, Chris (347,000 YouTube views since June 2018); from the album 'Breakthrough.'
  • 'Awesome God' -Mullins, Rich w/lyrics (3,366,749 views YouTube views since Oct. 2009).
  • 'God's Not Dead' -Newsboys (89,682,631 YouTube views since Jan. 2012); © 2012 Newsboys.
  • 'By My Spirit' -Phillips, Leslie w/Matthew Ward; from 'Recollection,' 1987.
  • 'Strength of My Life' -Phillips, Leslie w/Russ Taff; from 'Dancing With Danger,' 1984. 
  • 'Our God' -Tomlin, Chris (37,442,009 YouTube views since Oct. 2013), official live version.


Christian-Interest Films (Ed. note: We hope for the day when Hollywood will return to producing general audience films with children (or adults) not cursing in their roles, or containing sexually explicit or nude scenes -- if only parents would boycott 'Hollywood' on Sundays to clean up their otherwise entertaining and inspiring films. We applaud the 'Star Wars,' series, 'The Lord of the Rings,' and 'The Chronicles of Narnia,' and most films pre-1967 as free of coarse language and nudity. By that standard, we consider the following suggestions appropriate for children and family viewing -- unless otherwise noted.

'O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called ...' -1 Timothy 6:11-12).

Note: Not all films listed are Christian-themed, but sourcing the truth on select topics is indeed, a godly exercise.

Non-fictional (alpha title):

  • '9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out (2012).  Reputable American Architects & Engineers make a compelling --  and unsettling -- case based on forensic evidence, film and eyewitness accounts the three WTC towers fell to 'controlled demolition' -- not by office fires as the 9/11 Commission concluded. For example: 'How do two airplanes bring down three towers?' 
  • 'A Man For All Seasons' (1966), G. The uncompromising faith of Sir Thomas More ('Utopia') in the era of King Henry VIII.
  • 'A Smile As Big As The Moon' (2019), PG. Hallmark true story a special-ed teacher gets his classs to NASA space camp.
  • 'Beyond the Blackboard' (2011), PG. Hallmark true story of first year teacher who teaches homeless children.
  • 'The Case for Christ' (2017), NR. The conversion testimony of Chicago Tribune reporter Lee Strobel. .
  • 'Chariots of Fire' (1981), PG. Study of contrasting motivations to win track gold medals in the 1924 Olympics. 
  • 'The Elephant Man' (1980), PG. Based on life of Joseph 'John' Merrick: orphaned, deformed, beaten -- yet kind, forgiving, Christian.
  • 'Evelyn' (2002), PG. True, inspiring story of divorced dad who fights in courts to get his children back from mandated boarding school.
  • 'Gosnell -- The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer' (2018), PG-13. Fact-based trial of abortionist; caution viewing with children.
  • 'I Can Only Imagine' (2018), PG. Fact-based biography of Christian songwriter Mercy Me's Bart Millard.
  • 'Joni' (1980). Fact-based biography of Joni Erickson-Tada: CEO, artist, author, speaker, wife and Christian in spite of quadriplegia.
  • 'Mully' (2017), NR. The true and inspiring story of Charles Mully, orphaned in Kenya and through acts of kindness, repentance and a faith in Christ lead him to become an American millionaire who returns to his homeland to help orphans. 
  • 'C. H. Spurgeon: The People's Preacher' (2010). In 1861 -- without a mic -- Spurgeon was preaching to 6000 people on Sunday.
  • 'The Winslow Boy' (1948, 1999). A father risks all to clear his son and the family name in order 'that right be done.'

Fictonal (alpha title):

  • 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe' (2005), PG. Excellent movie version of a C.S. Lewis classic.
  • 'The Encounter' (2010). Clever faith-filled family drama about Jesus serving stranded cafe customers.
  • 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' (2012), PG-13 (violence). Excellent movie version of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic hero adventure. 
  • 'Les Miserables' (1934, 1952, 1998). Screen adaptations of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel about a regenerated man's struggle with his accuser.